Our company, the Koncsek Trans Kft. has started its activity on August 1 1985as a family business. At the beginning the main activity was passenger transport, and from 1992 tobacco distribution, which later on expanded for domestic cargo transportation. By entering in 2004 at the European Union, great change was taken place at the life of the company. With the opening of new markets – as a new direction -, we have joined into the international transportation market. This was a very serious step for us, and we are representing now a significant market presence.

Koncsek Trans bemutatkozó
Koncsek Sándor

Our continuously expanding and developing team and fleet became a stable member of the constantly changing market, which enhances as well our credibility. This very fact encouraged us to change the company's structure, so in 2009 the sole ownership has changed into an economic association as a Kft. In 2012, our founder, Koncsek Sándor has died, causing severe fracture at family business’s life. However, a good example of his forward-thinking mindset is that he was trying to give his skills for his sons, so even with a lack of him, our organization was getting a stronger.

We are present currently, with 17 vehicles and 20 persons, actively in both on the domestic and on the international market, at all times bearing in mind to fulfil of customer needs. Adapted to the customer needs, our company designs, carries out and monitors the transport and shipment from the order receivement until the delivery. With great skill and a lot of references based on previous experience, we handling freight orders: regular and occasional orders as well. Please don’t hesitate, to contact us and ask for any kind of further information or for price request.