Koncsek Trans Kft.



Are suitable for 1-10 palette, depending on the size it. Their load ability of the highest at the boxed lorries, 2.3 m with 1.3t weight capacity, while at the curtainsider lorries 1t. Average age of trucks are 1.5 years.

7 .5T GVW trucks

are suitable for 16 pallets, length 6.5 meters, width of 2.4 meters, the highest inner size is 2.7 meters. Load capacity 3t. The major advantage of this category that their carrying capacity is higher they still can move during the period of truck stop.

12T GVW trucks

are suitable for 18-20 pallets. Length 4.5-8 m and a width of 1.5 meters, the highest inner size is 2.85 meters. Maximum transportable weight 6t. Two of our lorries are with tailboard lifting which capacity is 1.5 t. The additional advantage they can transport of goods 9.5 meters in length.

18T GVW trucks

are suitable for 16-21 pallets. Measuring 6.5-8.4 meters, width of 2.4 meters, a height of 2.6-2.7 meters. Maximum transportable weight 5.8. All of these trucks can be loaded with crane, and one of them is crane-mounted, with lifting capacity of 1.4.

MEGA assembly

load capacity of100 m3, 2.7-3 m ceilings, lifting and sliding EDSCHA roof, which allows loading with crane, and sliding curtain. 8.5 m long, can hold up to 33 EURO pallets in one row, weight capacity is 24000kg.


Our Doosan forklift is a G30G type, lifting capacity is 3t per unit. Bulk handling by a MTZ 820.4 machine of 2014, which is mounted with Tracklift 220 SLX front loader and spoon, payload 2t.