Transportation and forwarding services

Express delivery

small, urgent transportation of cargo vehicles (3, 5t GVW) short transit time, and 7t, 5t GVW 12t, and 40t, with 2 drivers in order to minimize the transit time.

Expressz szállítás

Transport of dangerous goods by road (ADR)

The staff of our company and car fleet is suitable, and meets all legal requirements of the ADR so we are transporting goods To comply for the strict legal conditions, as well as the continuous training of our drivers, we are supervised and advised by the Hungarian Veszélyesáru Mérnöki Iroda, regarding ADR

Veszélyes áru (ADR) szállítás

Direct delivery

longer transit time, lower fixed fee, on regular routes: 3, 5T, 7, 5T GVW 12T, and also truck assembly MEGA 40GVW lorries.

Partial loads and collect transportation

within each category, finding the best and most moderate priced solutions.

Részrakományok és gyűjtőszállítás

Distributive delivery

with tailboard of 6t lifting capacity for heavy loads, at plants, warehouses, where there is no other option for unloading or loading.

Transportation and forwarding services

handling by the Koncsek Sped Kft. -, which handles fully the arising needs